Manifesto: CyberBoyz 3000

Dear community,

It is a pleasure to be here and show what we’ve been preparing for a very long time. We are Miguel (@MrOmaik) and Alberto (@Digialbert), and we want to tell you our story…

It all begins with two friends who met in Barcelona, Spain, who have always been big dreamers and for whom art has always been the basis of their lives.

After collaborating on several projects, more than a year ago, we discovered the reality of the NFT world. In this new world we were exploring and getting to know amazing projects that came out.

And 6 months ago, an idea began its creation…

An idea that encompassed the way of expressing ourselves artistically and the possibility of creating an adventure. An adventure that we could share with others.

This idea is CYBERBOYZ 3000

We have worked hard… It’s been 6 months of commitment, sacrifices, effort, working every day, and enjoying doing what we like the most; creating. A time in which we have been able to build this project, taking care of every detail until it has lived up to what we were looking for.

CyberBoyz 3000 is not just an NFT project. It is the first part of an entire universe that we have decided to create to share with others. We have prepared a story that we believe will mark a before and after in this world. And every CyberBoy is an entry ticket to this universe.

We will start in the First Age, in the first Roadmap. In this first trip we will lay the foundations of the Cyberium Universe, we will witness and live together the first steps of the CyberBoy, their first adventures, the creation of their market system, their organization in the form of a council, the development of their personalities and the first challenges they will have to face. All through an interactive adventure, where there will be gifts, tests and rewards for all participants. We want each CyberBoy to be able to create their own story, to get to know each other and for the world to know them.

And we will cross the first millennium to the Second Age , the second roadmap, which we have already begun to explore, and with which we will seek to break the limits of the NFT world.

This has only just begun,


Never forget that CyberBoyz 3000 is by you and for you.

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